Monday, June 29, 2009

Green Eggs and Bacon

Megan got a cook book from Grandma Cersey for her birthday, so Andy decided to let the girls make breakfast. They chose to make Green eggs and Ham but we didn't have ham, so we had green eggs and Bacon. They thought it was so cool to have green eggs.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Alexis Head Shots

Kristina was over the other day and decided to take some head shots of Alexis to give to her modeling agency. So she did her hair and makeup and took her outside to shoot away. Alexis is no stranger to the camera. She loves getting her picture taken. Thanks Kristina these pictures are really cute.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Megan's 8th Birthday

I can't believe my baby is 9!!! She is growing up so fast. She was so excited to share her birthday with her daddy since it happened to be the same day as Father's Day. She thought that was so special. Megan got a Trampoline this year for part of her birthday. The girls were so excited. We gave her it a few days before her actual birthday. Since her birthday was on Sunday we had her party on Saturday the 20th. She wanted to have a pool party so that's what she got. We spent a few hours at the pool with all her cousins, grandparents and with our neighbors.

After the swimming we went back to our house for some lunch. Our wonderful neighbor Kevin left the pool early to come home a grill hotdogs for us. He is so great. After lunch Megan got to open all her gifts which she was so thankful for. Then we had cake. Her cousins stayed and played for a while. We had a great time and I think Megan had a wonderful Birthday.

We saved the gifts from us to give her on her actual birthday. She was pretty excited she had a birthday that went on for a few days. We also went to Grandma and Grandpa Cersey's house since it was Father's Day and they gave her the rest of her gifts as well. And a special guest who never forgets our girls birthdays came to grandma's to drop off a gift. Harold Galvez has been giving our girls a stuffed animal every year on their birthday without fail. He is so great and we love him so much. What a great day we all had together.

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to a wonderful father. Andy is a great dad and his girls love him so much. This year Father's Day happens to be on Megan's 9th Birthday. Megan was so excited about this, she has been talking about it for months. They started the morning playing a game of Sorry while I made breakfast. We had a great breakfast together. Then Andy got to open his gifts. He got a Aero hat and some cologne from the girls and I got him a gift card to get a massage. We had a wonderful day celebrating Father's Day and Megan's 9th birthday.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Drake's 1st Birthday Party

Drake is finally One!! We celebrated his birthday at Bay Creek Park. It was so stinkin hot outside, but we all had a great time. Justin and Thane Shumway had a pull up contest. They tied, I believe at 21!! Grandma Cersey made an awesome sports cake. She did a fantastic job, there is nothing that she can't do. It took Drake a while to dig into his cake but he finally figured it out. We love you Drake. Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Bowling

This summer at Oasis Bowl kids received 2 free games of bowling a day. We decided this would be a great activity for the girls. We went several times with our neighbors the Moore's. The kids had a great time.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


The time that we have all been waiting for. They are here!

Thursday afternoon (June 4) Brandon, Sabina, & Ashley flew in to visit. They were picked up by Albert and spent the night with the Cano's. Albert took them to lunch the next day at a favorite, 5 Guys Burgers & Fries. They had mentioned that as we tried to plan the visit they wanted to just spend time hanging out and relaxing. So get ready to experience a relaxed week and pictures from it.

Let the good times roll. Friday came and it was time to spend the rest of their time with us. after picking them up after lunch with Albert we went home and hung out before going to the laster show at Stone Mountain.

Saturday we woke up and had a great mountain man breakfast before packing up and heading downtown. We started at the Underground ATL and walked a few blocks to the Coke Factory. That's all we can say is welcome to the ATL. We must have looked a little confused as to which way we needed to walk to get to the Coke Factory so a guy by the name of Mike decided he would be our tour guide and show us a short cut to the factory. What a culture shock. They experienced the finest of the ATL from people sleeping on the streets, the smell of urine in the streets, people talking to themselves saying that all people on earth are sinners and are going to hell and even shocked to see individuals that live alternative lifestyles. When we got home Sabina had a migraine headache so Jess, the girls and myself went over to Ryan Loo's house for dinner with Justin Bunker and his family. Thanks for visiting Bunkers it was great to see you and remember the good old days of high school. We came home and watched, Paul Blart, The Mall Cop. "Peanut Blart and Jelly. Wat Wat Watz up man!"

Sunday - The day of rest of course. We went to church, had a Cersey Dinner (Roast and Potatoes) and then met the Cano's at mom and dad Cersey's for some Wii time. Who rocks at the Karaoke and Rock Band. That's right, WE DO. Thanks for coming down Cano's.

Monday - The first of many days at the pool. Tonight we went to the Atlanta Braves game. This was a first for B, Sabina, and Ash. The Braves were playing the Pittsburg Pirates. The game started with the Braves going up 5 to zero making us all think that this was going to be a blow out. Boy were we wrong. The Pirates came back and tied it in the 7th inning making it 7-7. It remained this score for through the bottom of the 15th inning (We left after the 13th cause Andy had to go to work the next day). We listened to the rest of the game on the way home and as we were about 10 minutes from the house, Jeff Francoer came across home plate at 11:54 PM and ended the game with the Braves winning 8-7.

Tuesday - Everyone went shopping today at Ross, Marshalls, TJ Max. After dinner and I got home from work we watched the best movie in the world, Forever Strong. What an amazing story and movie. There wasn't a dry eye through this film. Thanks Mom & Dad Dollar for sending this for us. We loved it.

Wednesday - Another day at the pool for 3 hours. Our neighbor Dusty was there and so everyone got to know him a little bit. He and his wife are new to the neighborhood so it was good for all to meet them. Brandon, Sabina, and Jess then went around town looking at some of the homes that were for sale. They had a good time and we found out that our home has lost a lot of its value through these wonderful economic times. Jess then made probably the best Fettucini she has ever made. Ask Brandon and he will let you know how good it was. We got a call from Mom & Dad Cersey asking if we wanted to get some ice cream. They treated us all to Brusters (Thanks to a wedding that we just did we had a gift card that helped offset the cost). YUMMY! We then came home and watched a favorite, So You Think You Can Dance. Lights Out.

Thursday - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We made the 10 Year mark. I had to work today but was able to meet up with everyone in the afternoon for a little bit of shopping in Commerce, at the Tanger Outlets. I was working up in that area so it worked out perfectly. We made the trip home and then went to Chilis for our Anniversary Dinner. While we were at dinner Ash got a call from Aleia her friend that is on Heritage Tours saying that she saw the Jonas Brothers (Not a lie this time). Ash was jealous. When we got home we put the girls down and watched, So You Think You Can Dance Results Show.

Friday - Last time at the pool. Jess had to run to the doctor today and got pulled over while on her way. She was able to give the cop some brownies and milk (ha ha) and was just given a warning instead of a ticket. Yes she was going 20 mph over the speed limit and still got off. WOOT! The final night was one we will not forget anytime soon. We experienced a Southern Family Reunion. The ward that my wife grew up in had a party to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the forming of the Lawrenceville II Ward. It was filled with good old Southern BBQ, entertainment and a 20 minute slide show that reflected the 20 years of the ward. On the way home some were craving the taste of Brusters again so we made a quick stop for them to get some ice cream one last time before leaving town.

Saturday - Today everyone woke up and packed the bags. We had breakfast and just spent the rest of the morning relaxing before a long day in route home to Utah. We dropped them off at the airport and sent them on their way.

We had a a great time and built memories that will last forever. Despite Andy having to work everyday a good time was had by all. And now for a few needed Thank You's. Thanks to Jess for entertaining everyone and cooking all week. You are the best! Thanks Ashley for wanting to visit us for your Senior gift. Thanks dad Dollar for helping this happen. Thanks B and Sabina for helping to "keep the hills alive." What a sweet experience this was to spend time together. Even all the late nights and early mornings were worth it. We love you all and can't wait to see you again sometime.