Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Braves Game

Tonight Megan and I went to the Atlanta Braves game with my mom and Dad. We had a really fun time. Megan made a poster for Chipper Jones because that is her favorite player. Who doesn't love Chipper? Also the manager of the Braves, Bobby Cox, is retiring after this year and it was fun to go see him for the last time. He has been there since I was a little girl watching the Braves. I have been going to braves games with my Daddy as long as I can remember and it makes me happy to be able to share that with Megan as well.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Megan Makes County

Today I got an email letting us know that Megan had been selected to swim at County on her two relay teams. We are so excited for her. She has worked hard for this. When she got home from school I let her read the email. She was very excited and so are we! She will get to swim at Ga Tech, which is where the Olympics were.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Waterton vs. Mountain Park

Today we had our first home swim meet at Waterton. Megan did a great job. She swam in 4 events and received 3 ribbons. We are so proud of her.

25 yd backstroke 23.20 4th place
100 yd medley relay 1:23.31 1st place (personal free 20.28)
25 yd freestyle 21.04 no ribbon
100 yd freestyle relay 1:14.03 1st place


Freestyle in Medley relay


Freestyle relay

Monday, June 21, 2010

Megan turns 10!

Today is Megan's actual birthday. We didn't give her any gifts at her party so that she could have some to open today. She was very happy about everything she got. Herold Galvez stopped by and brought her a stuffed animal, which he does every year. We went over to the Moore's and Cherie bought Megan a cake so she would have one on her actual birthday, since the one I made her was for her party. I am so grateful for such wonderful neighbors and friends that we consider family.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

My girls have the best daddy in the whole world. They love Father's Day and being able to give daddy a gift. It makes them very happy. Andy is a wonderful dad and we couldn't ask for anything more.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Megan's 10th Birthday Party

Megan's 10th birthday is on Monday, so we had her party today on Saturday so everyone could come. She wanted to have a pool party this year which we have done before, but when your birthday is in the summer what better to do then swim. I made her a swimming pool cake which she loved. She had all her family there as well as the Baugh's, Moore's and Andrade's. We had lots of fun swimming and doing relays. She got lots of great gifts. She had a very happy day. I love my Bruiser and can't believe she is 10!

After the party we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house. She got to open more gifts from them. Then we played a game Kristina brought called Quelf. It is one of the funniest games ever. We laughed all night long. Today turned out to be a great day for all.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Waterton vs Parkview

Today was Megan's 2nd swim meet. It was an away meet at Parkview. I believe it was the hottest day ever. Alexis was so miserable that right before the meet started I dunked her entire body in the water with her clothes on. She sat there soaking wet the entire time and was definitely cooled off. She was pretty happy after that. I wish I would have taken a picture of her.
Megan did a great job tonight. She swam the 25 yd backstroke, 25 yd free style, 50yd free style, 100yd medley relay (free style) and 100yd free style relay. Her team has something called a rainbow ribbon which is given anytime you improve your personal time on a stroke. She received 3 rainbow ribbons tonight.

25 yd backstroke 23.08 2nd place/ rainbow ribbon -0.37 seconds
100 yd freestyle relay 128.27 2nd place
100 yd medley relay she swam freestyle no time available no ribbon
25 yd freestyle 19.32 4th place/ rainbow ribbon -0.14 seconds
50 yd freestyle 41.78 5th place /rainbow ribbon -0.52 seconds

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Utah Trip June 2010

Our annual Utah Trip came in June this year. There were a few reasons for this trip. One, Robert was returning from his two year mission to Mexico and Second, the Rudd family Reunion.

Before making our trip to Utah Albert and Jenn went to Mexico to visit Albert’s family. While they were there they picked up a number of small Mexican flags and one large one. This was planned so that we could decorate things for when Robert came home off of his mission from Mexico. The day finally came for Robert to come home and we decided to do a lot of decorating around the house. We decorated the outside with Red, White, and Green lights as well as hung a few Mexican Flags. One of the activities we did with the kids is made a large banner. This banner had everyone’s hands on it with our names and colored with the same colors of the Mexican flag.

We all finally left to meet Robert at the Salt Lake International airport where a few of us dressed up in Hispanic attire. As we entered the airport Andy was approached by a Hispanic man that started to speak to him in Spanish. Andy quickly told him that he didn’t understand a word he was saying. We all got a great laugh! We definitely brought a lot of attention to us by the way we were dressed. We had a great time though. After about an hour of being at the airport Robert finally made his way to where we were. He looked great! Hugs were given to all and he looked SOOOOOO happy and extremely skinny. The day was so long that we finally got to President Nielson’s office around 11:30 PM to get Robert set apart.

Rudd Family Reunion at Property
The Rudd family reunion was held at Mom and Dad’s property. We got down to the property a day before everyone else to get things set up and prep for the arrival of all the Rudd’s except for the Nathan Sharp family, the Jason Rudd family and Thomas Albert himself. They were all greatly missed. There were many activities that were done while we were at the property.

Megan and Alexis were able to drive four wheelers for the first time in which they had the time of their lives. Most of the time was spent just enjoying one another’s company and there was plenty of time for activities despite the weather not being the greatest.

Some of the activities that we did you can see below.
Tubing and Canoeing down the freezing cold river

Roasted lots of marshmallows and making ourselves sick

Kids 3 Legged Races and Kids Potato Sack Races

We made water rockets as teams and then launched them in the open fields

Rode Wave Runners in the river

Real Time Minute to Win It

The Watermelon eating competition was one of the grossest activities that one could be involved in. Many of those that participated spoke of the need to puke after consuming the amount of Watermelon that was eaten.

The Lay of the Land

One of the highlights for my wife was shooting clays with the shotguns. Jess had never shot clay and was unsure what to expect. She sat back and watched a number of people shoot and then decided that she would take a turn. As she got ready she placed the gun to her shoulder and then cried, “Pull”. The thrower was pulled and the clay threw the air. As Jess pulled the trigger and to her surprise the clay broke into many pieces. She looked around and said, “I hit it”. She is a natural.

Jess and I left the family reunion one night to enjoy some time away at the 1995 Chamber Choir Reunion that was held at Lone Peak High School. Josh Pehrson the Chamber Choir President had decided that we would try to hold a reunion and bring together as many people from the choir as we could. It was great to see everyone again. There were only a few people that were missing. We spent time just catching up from the many years many of us had not seen each other and then we were able to take some time and sing some songs. “Mamma J” mentioned that this was the first time ever that any of her choirs had come together for a reunion of any kind in her many years of teaching. We took a group picture and then had it developed during the time we ate and sang songs. Miss J was presented a frame with the picture that was taken in 1995 for the yearbook and also the picture we took of the group during this reunion. A great time was had by all as we came together from all over the country including: Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah.

The river at the property was freezing cold due to all the rain that we received but that didn’t stop many of us from bathing after our float down the river. Poor Jess even had to get in due to the mud that was put on her while sitting on the dock. She was not happy but was a good sport.

One morning Jess decided that she would take the girls to the dock and go fishing. Nothing came from this experience except for holding the pole while sitting on the dock. The girls said, “This is very boring.”

Happy 11 year Anniversary!!!!
Once again, Jess and I spent our anniversary with many of those we love. Our 11th Anniversary was spent during this reunion. For our anniversary dinner we were able to have Dutch oven Fajita’s. A special thanks goes to Darrell for the wonderful meal, Mom Dollar for the Martinelli’s drink, and Kerrie for the half burnt candle we used for our candle light dinner. This is one that won’t be forgotten.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Megan's first Summer Swim Meet Waterton Vs. Saratogo

Today was Megan's first summer swim meet. I was not able to go and it broke my heart. Alexis and I had to go on an earlier flight to utah today and Andy and Megan are coming tomorrow. I really hate missing my children's activities but I was glad that Andy could be there with her. She did a great job.

25 yd Backstroke 23.45 4th place
25 yd freestyle 19.46 2nd place
100 yd freestyle relay 1:25.47 2nd place
50 yd free style 42.30

So proud of her for getting 3 ribbons in her first meet.