Monday, November 30, 2009

Decorating Christmas Tree

I love watching the girls decorate the Christmas tree. It is one of my favorite things. We play loud Christmas music and just let them put the decorations one right on top of the other.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Week at Disney World

The time for a family vacation has come. This years vacation was over Thanksgiving week with the entire Cersey clan. We all took off to a place that is “Magical” for all ages. That’s right! We went to Disney World for an entire week. Below you will find pictures by day of what we did.

On the way down to Orlando it is a tradition anytime that we travel to Florida we stop at Dairy Queen to get a blizzard. This was a highlight every time that my wife used to go see her grandma and grandpa as she was growing up so we’ve kept that tradition with our children. We arrived in Orlando and got settled in the great home that we were fortunate enough to stay in thanks to some good family friends.

Day 2 was spent at Magic Kingdom. This was a day full of teacups, Dumbo, 3-D Shows, Peter Pan, Racetracks, Buzz Lightyear, and many other activities.

Day 3 was the Sabbath so we all know what to do on vacation on Sunday, RELAX!!! That’s what we all did. Jess spent along time braiding the girls hair so that we wouldn’t have to worry about doing it the rest of the week. What a great idea.

Day 4 we were off to MGM. Jess & Kristina thought they were all that with their cool fanny packs. The favorite ride here at MGM, was the Aerosmith Rockin Roller Coaster. We were able to witness one of the coolest stunt shows that there is. We saw Light’s, Motor’s, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. This was 33 minutes of high-octane excitement! Then I was selected to be a special guest in the parade with my girls favorite float, “High School Musical”. Zac Efron has nothing on me and my top hat.

Day 5 was day two of Magic Kingdom in which we rode the ferry over to the park, saw Mickey and Minnie’s houses, pulled the sword from the stone, and watched one of the most amazing firework shows you could see. Yes that is the one on Main Street over Cinderella’s Castle. This was a long day and plenty of tired girls.

Day 6 was a stormy one in which we all went our own ways to whatever park we wanted to go to. The girls wanted to go back to Magic Kingdom again and so we have day three of the same park. This was one of the best days in that we as a family got to spend it all together all by ourselves and just ran as hard as we could. Teacups, It’s a Small World, RaceTrack, Buzz Lightyear, The Princess signing event, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and much more. As you can see from the pictures the girls were exhausted again.

Day 7 was Thanksgiving in which we took off early in the morning and went to Animal Kingdom. Events that we did were An African Safari, Lion King Show, Jurasic Park Ride, and the favorite of ALL “EVEREST”. After spending the morning at Animal Kingdom we all went back to the house for our Thanksgiving Dinner and the long needed RELAX time. It’s been a tradition for grandpa to write a song for the kids to learn and perform for the adults so he wrote, “The Turkey Wobble.” Oh yeah there was Thanksgiving day football and the Macy’s Day Parade as well. Thanks mom for the yummy food.

Day 8 was our cultural experience as we took off to Epcot. We visited many countries and partook of many cultural experiences. The girls had a great time visiting these areas of the different countries. We then stayed for another great firework show that was over the water of the lake in the middle of the park. Alexis really loved the show as she fell asleep before it started and even stayed asleep during the loud noises that were made. Everyone was freezing cold but all had a great time.

Day 9 was the final day in the parks. Today we went to Animal Kingdom again and the kids wanted to ride Everest multiple times. We also went and saw the Finding Nemo musical, A Bugs Life 3-D show, and ate at the Rain Forest Café. What a great time all had as we built memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks mom and dad Cersey for providing the opportunity for such a wonderful time.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Andy and Esther's Disco Birthday Party

This year for Andy's 33rd birthday we decided to have a Disco Party. One of our good friends Esther was having a birthday as well so we made it a combinded Birthday Party. Of course I went over baord with my vision and we turned Mike Baugh's work wearhouse into a disco dance room. We had Herold Galvez come and DJ it for us. We had so much fun dancing the night away and we were able to put our halloween costumes to good use. We had a ton of people there and most everyone dressed up so I was pretty happy about that.