Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Pool Day Gone BAD!!!

Yesterday was to be a day of fun at the pool with friends and family. We went to our neighborhood pool with our neigbors the Moore's and their friends McKenna and Will. We had only been there 15 minutes when things went BAD. Will was playing with a plastic water shooter that you fill with water and shoot at people. He filled it up and decided he was done playing with it and proceeded to throw it out of the pool. Well it didn't go the way he had planned. Instead it hit Megan right on the side of her face and cut a huge gash in her cheek. She began to scream really loud and Cherie and I thought she had been kicked in the face because we couldn't see the water shooter and we saw McKenna swimming off. I walked over and saw the blood pooring out of her face and knew we were in trouble. I grabbed Meggie out of the pool and lifted her hand off her face and couldn't of imagined what I saw. It was HUGE!! Needless to say I grabbed my keys and we ran. I didn't even think to ask Cherie to keep Lex. I guess it was just assumed. Andy had luckly just landed at the airport and was able to make record driving time and got to the hospital just after they took her to a room. Megan ended up with 7 stitches in her pretty little face. She was so brave and did a great job. The doctor was really nice and the nurse was named Wayne, so he ended up with the nickname of Grandpa Wayne. It was quite an eventful day. Not what we had planned for a day of fun at the pool.