Friday, April 30, 2010

Golf Day!

Today Andy decided to take me golfing with him. He loves to golf. I think he would do it everyday if he could. I have never been golfing. I didn't really golf today but I did hit some balls at the driving range. I think driving the cart is the fun part anyway. We had a fun time together. I enjoyed watching him do something he loves.

My poor baby!

Alexis has Asthma and has had to do breathing treatments since she was just a baby. She looked so cute today I couldn't help but take her picture. I just love her!

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tavaci performance at PTA

Tonight the girls had a little short performance before the school PTA meeting. They did a great job as always. I love watching my girls perform.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Field Trip to Texas Road House with Alexis!

This year for a field trip Alexis' first grade class went to Texas Road House Grill. She had a really fun time with all her friends. They had several stations that they were able to visit. The first station they were read a book and then were able to draw with chalk on the floor of the restaurant. Of course they thought that was fantastic. Alexis drew an armadillo which was what the book was about. I think she did a pretty good job. After that they went in to the meat closet and got to see how a steak was cut. Then they got to see a lady make an awesome blossom. Alexis did not want to try it of course but sh did anyway and spit it out. She was not impressed.

Next the kids were each given a piece of dough to shape their own roll. Alexis made her roll into the shape of a heart. They will be able to eat the roll they made when we have lunch.

Next it was time to learn some line dancing. Of course this was Alexis' favorite part. She loves to dance. After the dancing they went on a little scavenger hunt looking for things in the restaurant. Then it was time for lunch. I had a chicken salad and the kids had chicken fingers and fries. I think I would have rather had the kids basket! Alexis' roll turned out great. We had a really fun time today. I'm glad I was able to go with Alexis and all her friends.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break Fun

April 6th
This year for spring break we decided we would just stay home instead of going out of town somewhere. We had lots of fun playing with friends and family. One day we went bowling with our friends the Baughs. We also spent some time at the Waisath's house playing water games with Ashton and Ella.

April 9th
Today We took Alexis to the park while Megan went to Meet grandpa for lunch with grandma and Ethan. We took a picnic and then played some softball with her. We had a really fun time being with Alexis.

April 10th
Today we decided we would try and teach the girls to ride their bikes. We are a little late with this. It was no easy task and it was so hot outside. We tried for about an hour but with little success. Alexis was getting frustrated because Andy was spending so much time with Megan so she decided she would just get on her bike and do it herself. Of course she fell over. At that point she decided she would wait for one of us to help her.

Later that night we went over to Justin and Kristina's house for Nicole Wood's 30th birthday party. The Horsley's, Shumway's, Fox's and Quale's were there as well. The kids had a great time. We played a little Rock Band too.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter morning at our house is always fun. The Easter Bunny always hides the girls baskets. When I was a little girl I always had to hunt for my basket too. It didn't take Megan very long to find her basket. Alexis on the other hand had a harder time finding hers. Once they both found them they enjoyed opening all the eggs. Especially the one that had money in it.

After Church we headed over to mom and dad's for the rest of the day for lots of yummy food and tons of fun. When we first got there we took a few family pictures.

Time for dying eggs. This is always fun for the kids. They have so much fun being together with their cousins. They all did a good job with their eggs. Andy made an Obama egg, he thought it was hilarious.

Ethan brought a few nets and wanted to play the egg toss game. We all had a fun time with the kids throwing the eggs.

Grandma made the most yummy and cute cupcakes for the kids. They loved them.

Jackson was so happy that he won the jelly bean counting contest.

Time for the egg hunt. I think the kids love this part the most and the adults dread hiding all the hundred of eggs. Grandpa hid a $10 bill in one of the eggs this year and Ellie found it. The kids found a ton of eggs and had a really fun time.

Grandpa created a scavenger hunt for the kids to go on to find their treat for the night. He put Ethan in charge which made him completely happy. They had to go through the entire house looking for clues and searching for the treasure. They were so excited to find they treat bags. They worked so well together as a team.

Today was a really great day. I love being able to be near my family. I love my family.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Working in the yard

My mom and dad re-did their entire yard. They put in fescue grass instead of Bermuda. It looks so beautiful! We decided to spend some time helping them plant some flowers and Andy was helping dig the big holes for the trees and stuff. The girls had fun helping grandma and grandpa. I pretty much just watched and did a few things here and there. Gardening and being outside is not my thing.

Easter Egg Hunt at The Baugh's

Every year our good friends the Baugh's have an Easter Egg Hunt. It is getting bigger every year. The kids always have a wonderful time hunting eggs with their friends. Thanks Mike and Betsy for always inviting us over. Once the hunt was over the kids had doughnuts and juice.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

ThunderCats Vs. Birds of Doom

Tonight the ThunderCats played Birds of Doom. We lost 5-9. I made a few good plays but nothing to spectacular.