Saturday, November 6, 2010


Today was the BEST day ever. I got to go to my first UGA game with my two favorite guys! Our friend Scott Kaiser got 4 free tickets from his friend Alex. He invited us to go with him and his friend Christa. We picked them up at 10:00 and we headed to Athens. I can't believe that I have lived here my whole life and never been to a GA game. I was so excited I cold hardly stand it. We got to Athens around 11:00 and parked at the institute building so we didn't have to pay for parking which was a big plus. We had great seats. We were on row 22 on the side of the endzone. UGA was Playing the Idaho State Bengals or "BINGals" if you ask the announcers or Scott. We had a fun time making fun of that all day. The game was a huge blowout! UGA was leading 41 to zero at halftime. They ended up winning 55 to 7. It was not the most exciting game obviously but it was still really fun to be there. GO DAWGS!!


Ryan and Brindi said...

how fun! i love GA games! i wish it wasn't so expensive and hard to get tickets to their games! glad u had a blast.

Mandi said...

Awesome! I am glad you had such a great time.

RH said...

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