Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grayson YW!

I have been in YW's in our ward for a while now as the 1st counselor. We have some pretty amazing girls. I love my calling.

Left to Right Top Row: Katelynn Buekart, Romelle Loewy, Nicole Wood, Madison Wheeler, Nicole Gregerson, Katy Steele, Mary Beckford, Ashley Parrott, Maggie Flanders, Chloe McWilliams, Kristina Cersey, Laura Kaiser, Gilda Wall, & Rachel Shumway. Middle row: Jessica Dollar, Betsy Baugh, Hannah Dale, Lyric Burkett, Peyton Gregerson, Sydney Sorenson, Kayleigh Simpson, Emily Troxell,& Eliza Grenier. Bottom Row: Lexi Wagner, Courtney Gregerson, Chandler Selin, Jessy Wall, Stevie Kaiser, Alex Blakemore, Elizabeth Carter, & Kayla Seabrook.

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